Peesapati Chandrasekhar
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Welcome to Sri Lalitha Gayatri Jyothishalayam

“Jyotish Vachaspati” Peesapati Chandra Sekhar
Prediction Spl: Political, Business, Cinema, Marital Aspects and more..!
Sri Lalith Gayatri Vastu


The Directions of Your House direct Your Life. The Locality of Your House brings You Peace and Harmony. Read More..!

Sri Lalith Gayatri Color Astrology

Color Astrology

Colors have great impact on Your mind and thoughts that prompt Your actions.

Sri Lalith Gayatri Spiritual Remedies

Spiritual Remedies

Without spiritual blessings, no Man can be successful.

TODAY's quote

" No one can kill a person but his anger "

Highlight of the Week

"The south Indian film hero, who was proved zero five years ago, is going to regain his strength as his stars started shining"